What is bodyrolling?

The first machines of the Roll Massage were developed in the 1940s. Their working principles have been thoroughly studied to date, and today roll forming machines are internationally recognized.

The principle of the machines consists of rotating drum that make a certain number of revolutions per minute. This is a highly effective slimming, body-tightening and relaxing body massage.

Bodyrolling machines have quickly become very popular and the reason is very simple. Due to the effectiveness of the roller massage, the subcutaneous fat is cleaved and the cellulite decreases visibly. In addition, roll massage is very effective for muscle tension, it is the only massage that can be controlled by a person himself.

How does roll massage work?

Bodyrolling machines are equipped with infrared and collagen luminaires. Infrared lights hidden by machines expands the blood vessels and helps the body remove contaminated substances from deep layers of the skin.

In addition, machines have a special position sequence set up, and exercises have been put in place following lymphatic massage principles. It is very important to drink enough water during the procedure as our muscles work as much as possible when the body is hydrated enough. The fluid intake before and after the massage is also very important as it helps the body to emit more residues more easily.

Bodyroll offers all of its customers the necessary amount of water during the massage to keep the body in a balanced state.

What does bodyrolling do?

Bodyroll machines combine the healing interaction of slimming and lymphatic massage. The procedure stimulates the lymphs, which helps remove contaminated substances from the body and improves metabolism, reduces the swelling of the tissues, and helps fight lymphatic system disorders such as cellulitis. Regular roller massage procedures also help to eliminate metabolic disorders.

In addition to the aforementioned, Roll Massage also gives the body a pleasantly relaxed and good feeling. Roll Massage improves our blood circulation and strengthens the skin. Collagen lamps on the machine improve our skin elasticity and help maintain a youthful look.

The lymphatic system is one of the most important and complex systems in the human body. The lymphatic system is responsible for cleaning our body. Do not let your lymphatic system get lazy. Bodyroll's Roll Massage Service Helps You By Combining Lymphatic System Stimulation And Slimming Performance.

Roll massage is also a good way to reduce muscle tension.

How does roller massage work?

Although roll massage is a pleasant and refreshing procedure that you would like to enjoy at any time, it is worth paying attention to the procedure before you proceed and you do not have any of the contraindications below. Otherwise, the health-improving procedure may be reversed, harmful to health.

 Roll-up masseuse contraindications are:

  • Acute inflammatory disease (flu, fever)
  • Infectious disease (jaundice, tuberculosis, etc.)
  • Skin and / or venereal disease
  • Acute nerve damage (after trauma or surgery)
  • Fresh wounds, recent bleeding, blistering
  • Tumors / Tumor suspicion
  • Thyroid diseases
  • Affective psychological states (anger, stress, neuroscience, mutism)
  • Acute renal failure
  • Acute liver failure
  • Risk of discontinuation of pregnancy
  • Acute trauma (fracture, rupture, rupture)
  • Large birthmarks or bruises in the massaging area
  • Acute heart failure (arrhythmia, infarction, valve failure, myocardial inflammation)
  • High, unstable blood pressure
  • Varicose veins or vein inflammation in the massaged area

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